Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I was in the office today and I am always assured of interesting discussion topics. Today we discussed the liklihood that I would find a potential life-mate in Atlanta. Metro Atlanta has a little over 5 million people. Here's the thing...First of all, Atlanta has one of the highest populations of gay men in the country...so of course, they are out of my count. Then, I also have to take out the men that are gay on the DL or bisexual. Then, the national statistic is that one in five people have and STD. Of course, all the married men are out of the count. Then, the national statistic is that one of every 75 men are in jail, so those guys are out of the running too. Seventy-seven percent of men (nationwide) actually work so 23 percent of the male population is out...(sorry, a job is mandatory). Oh, and l forgot to mention that nationwide there are 7.8 million more females than males but here in Atlanta, females outnumber males 11 to 1. These are just the big statistics...I haven't even factored in an acceptable age range and that he should be a Christian. So, what is the answer to how likely is it that I will find a life-mate in Atlanta? Well, I can tell you that statistics has never been my strong suit, but the answer to this question is: Slim to None!! I'm moving!!

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