Sunday, July 5, 2009

SSB (Secret Single Behavior)

SSB stands for Secret Single Behavior. I am told that the saying comes from an episode of Sex & the City, but I am not sure. An SSB is something that you do as a single person that you wouldn't necessarily do if you were in front of other people. Yesterday, as I was doing a SSB I started thinking about just how many I have. I have been single for two and a half years now and so these behaviors have started adding up.

Confession is supposed to be good for the soul so here are my top SSBs:
  • I love to eat potato salad and plain chips together. I have no clue why. I don't mix them up or anything. I sort of use the potato salad as a dip for the chips.
  • I eat ice. In fact, I love to eat ice. It is annoying so I can only do it when I am by myself.
  • I talk to my dogs. Not full on conversations, but I do talk to them.
  • I can spend over an hour in the bathtub. It relaxes me, Ok?
  • I work out to Dance Dance Revolution
  • I sleep with the TV on
  • I don't buy chips that often, but if I do and if I buy Cheetos puffs I eat them with a fork.

Those are the main ones. I am sure I have some other quirks but these are the top offenders. I wonder what other people's SSBs are like????

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Loss of Martial relations?

Today's "Are you serious" moment comes from an article in the AJC.

Back in 2005 this man was shopping at Home Depot in Cobb County. A pallet of plywood fell from a forklift and trapped the man. The man had to have a couple of surgeries and since the accident injured his back and spine he could not do his construction job anymore. He was awarded $1.5 million dollars.

The icing to the cupcake though...his wife was awarded $30,000 for loss of marital relations. Am I the only person who finds this crazy? In my mind the court has put a price on sex. I would LOVE to know how the court came up with that amount. I definitely think that the husband should receive compensation...he was injured but the wife? No. Judge Judy always says that the purpose of a settlement (or lawsuit) is to put the plaintiff in the same position they were before the accident (or whatever) but not in a better position.

Anyway, this is just another thing that I don't understand...