Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Has Women's Lib ruined us?

I was reading this morning and saw that a retired female police officer stopped a bank robber by putting him in a choke hold. And in another story...unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months you have at least heard of Jon&Kate. On Monday they filed for divorce after ten years of marriage. Jon made the comment, "Kate ruled the roost and I finally stood up for myself and if felt good." I don't know who has seen the movie "Not Easily Broken", but the movie depicts a struggling marriage. Morris Chestnut plays the husband and his wife is a high-powered, very motivated real estate agent. He likes to spend his free time coaching underprivileged young boys. Anyway, during the movie he (Morris Chestnut) raises a good point...when man was first created he was the protector, the provider, the hero. Throughout time men have been judged on how well the protect and provide. At some point, women became their own heroes, their own providers, and their own protectors. There are a couple theories as to why this occurred: men weren't being the protector and provider so women had to step up to the plate, men took advantage of women so women just broke away and stopped trusting men. Now women can bring home the bacon, fry it up, have babies, and all while conducting multi-million dollar businesses from their Blackberry. It's almost as if men aren't least in a long term sense. But what good has come from all of this? Divorce rates have skyrocketed, no one is at home to supervise children, women STILL get paid less than men. But we have almost done ourselves a disservice. Not only are we expected to bring in a sizable income we are still expected to take care of the children, the husband, the house, etc. I know a lot of women that say you can have it all, but really, who are they trying to convince? You can only have so much on your plate at one time and then it just starts looking like mush and it falls off. The ONLY way it works is if you are part of a TEAM. I am not anti-women or anti-success. I think it is great to see women in power, but I think we as women have to be realistic. You can call me old-fashioned, but I believe the man should be the head of the family like God intended. Feminist types always get upset when someone says this because they think that women have to be a servant, but that is not what God said. If you read further, God says that the man should be the head just as Jesus is the head. Can you think of a time that Jesus was self-serving or treated women without respect? Can you think of a time that Jesus let others suffer? Uhm, no. Don't get me wrong...equality is great and all, but I miss the days when men opened your door, stood when you entered or left a room, gave up their seats, and gave you their coat. So in the words of Blanche (Golden Girls) "I don't wanted to be treated like your equal I want to be treated much, much better."

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  1. I totally agree!!!! Just a thought, my hubby and I met at 9 years ago. Have you ever tried that website?