Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The MARTA bus player

I guess a person will see just about everything on public transportation. I was watching Tyra today and the show was about spotting men that are no good. Well, unfortunately for me, I usually spot them a little too late, but I am getting better. Picture it...yesterday morning on the MARTA bus...I am sitting next to the window just minding my business. I really like to people watch so I am always interested in the people I see. A couple gets on the bus. The woman sat in front of me and the man sat beside me. (It was already crowded at this point) The couple talk and whisper and laugh. They both had on wedding bands and even kissed when the woman got off the bus. As soon as the woman stepped off the bus the man starts chatting me up. I never talk too much to strangers so I kept my answers short and sweet. The man's cell phone rings and he starts a conversation. Now, this conversation is clearly a female. He is talking sweet-talk, and saying other things that NO ONE should overhear. At the end of the call he says, "I love you too, baby." As we got off the bus, he slipped his wedding ring into his pocket.

It seems that whenever I start getting down about being single something happens to make me realize that I would rather be single than have to deal with a bad relationship. Unfortunately, in Atlanta, that guy is the rule and not the exception. Atlanta ranks number 3 or 4 for cheating cities. The ratio of women to men is off the charts. I guess that makes it easier for men to cheat. My observation just showed me that even a guy on the MARTA bus can be a player.

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  1. Is it possible that he was talking to his wife on the cell phone? And, maybe he is an electrician and he can't wear his wedding ring for fear of electrocution?
    Probably not.... you're right. We single women are all doomed to a life of eating white bread and watching crappy TV (like Tyra's show!)! LOL