Thursday, December 31, 2009

I resolve

I like new beginnings. I love the feeling of a new slate. I like thinking that even though I made mistakes in one year but in 2010 they don't really count. It is much like God's love for us. Any way...I am a list-maker and I like to make goals so I always make resolutions.

For 2010...
I resolve to exercise at least 5 times a week.
I resolve to eat proper food and not junk.
I resolve to treat everyone (not just the people I like) like I want to be treated.
I resolve to look to God instead of trying to handle things on my own.

These are a few I want to focus on. Now I have to come up with an action plan!


Well, I like to think that I am an introspective person, but at this time of the year I really try to dig deep. This year feels as if it has been about loss. I lost a cousin (to a heart attack), a car (to a wreck), a part-time job, a boss (to a new job), friends (moved), and 25 pounds. On the other hand I have gained a closer relationship to some of my family, a promotion, a great new boss, and muscle tone. I guess the hardes thing that I have gained is a sense of lonliness. Never in my life did I picture myself being single at age 32. I have a new sense of familiarity with the song, "So lonely I could cry".

I know I have a pretty good life...God has blessed me with a job, a home, family, friends, a great church family and more. I am looking forward to seeing how God will use me in 2010.